HSE Consultants


If it is HSE Directors, HSE Managers, or HSE Coordinators you need, Forge Safety can help! Whether it is the enhancement or management of your current HSE Program, guidance in the creation of a new highly effective HSE Program, tracking and trending of your incidents so that you may get a clear picture of your HSE challenges, or simply have proven safety mentors there to bridge the gap between your corporate management staff and your field level staff, call the professionals at Forge Safety. We have experience on both sides of the conference table!

Compliance Auditing


Forge Compliance Auditors bring experience and efficiency to the table through  proven processes such as our thorough 14C Compliance Auditing Program which consists of a Standard Audit Protocol, e-Inspections, Walkthroughs, Corrosion Mapping,  P&ID Redlines, Closeout Meetings, Web Based PINC Tracking, and a thorough follow-up process.

Regulatory Permitting


Forge  Regulatory Permitting Specialists bring experience and efficiency to the table through  proven processes and programs as well as relationships established with Local, Parish or County, State, Federal, and Tribal entities. We can help to streamline your Regulatory Permitting Process to ensure quick turnaround on the Plans, Submittals, Studies, Approvals, Departures, and Waivers needed to begin your projects without any unnecessary delay.

Safety Technicians


Forge Safety employs a group of highly diverse, highly trained, highly experienced, and highly professional Onsite Safety Technicians who understand the importance of getting to know crews and project managers by working closely with them to ensure the promotion of a safe work environment. Our Safety Technicians know that through observation and positive engagement of individual behaviors they can achieve the goal of a safe work culture.

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